Cliff Jumping

A unique experience: Cliff jumping

When you are at Rishikesh, there are plenty of exciting activities that you can indulge in like Cliff jumping if you are not content with just river rafting. While rafting at the Brahmpuri stretch which lies just 2 km before Laxman Jhula where there’s a cliff where you can experience the thrill of cliff jumping. You can easily park the raft on the beach and get on the cliff to dive into the river.

When you are river rafting in Rishikesh you must never miss out of cliff jumping as it would will add up to the thrill. It is absolutely safe and the best thing is it is safer for a non-swimmer as well as you will be wearing a life jacket to keep you afloat on the water. Besides, the guides would ensure that you are brought on the raft unharmed. The fun part it you will experience the adrenalin rush from jumping so high a cliff into the river. Once you do it you will try and do it again as it will awaken the adventurous side of you.

How high the cliff is in Rishikesh?

The river current is not strong down the cliff. However, the water level determines the height of the jump although the Tehri Dam controls the water level of the Ganges and it may vary from time to time during the day. On an average the height of the jump is say about 20 feet if not more. However, in the fall season especially during June the height is just about 10 feet.

No matter which season you pick to cliff jump in Rishikesh, it will rid you of your fear of heights and water completely and feed your confidence a great deal. Besides, the activity is also the part of the corporate team building program as well. When you sign up for river rafting in Rishikesh cliff jumping comes as a part of the package.

The package: It comes free with river rafting.