Body Surfing

Riding the wave: Body surfing

Won’t it be a nice experience if you get to surf without using a surf board? It would certainly be great isn’t it, to just let the current guide you while you take on the waves. What is more interesting is that you get to manoeuvre your body like a skilful and playful seal while you body surf riding the waves. All you need is to streamline your body and you are free to surf as long as you desire. Although only a pair of swim fins is needed for body surfing, some other gears that you can carry with you , includes hand paddles, wave blades, hand guns and the likes. These will help you gain more speed and will also help you with tackle the waves in a better manner. However, you can lose the fins if you want to, but keeping it on will make it more fun and easy for you.

If you have some time to kill then body surfing in Rishikesh is an ideal bet for you. However, before you enter the icy waters, it would be better to have an introductory session with the masters of the game, the professional surfers. In case of body surfing, it is crucial that you are aware of the surface of the water you intend to surf on. The professionals will teach you all the tricks you need to learn like curling your body into a ball, diving back down giving in to the waves and many others. With proper guidance and training, body surfing in Rishikesh can be a lot more fun than you can anticipate.

The package: You can enjoy it free of cost at the time of rafting.